Beauty routine for sensitive skin

To ensure that sensitive skin always remains moisturised, we recommend combining three different beauty routines:

  • daily
  • weekly
  • twice weekly.

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Daily beauty routine for sensitive skin

For sensitive skin, we recommend a daily beauty routine that consists of several steps:

  1. remove impurities and makeup
  2. tone
  3. hydrate and protect
  4. moisturise and nourish over time.

We recommend using the most suitable cosmetic for your skin type at every step of the routine.

1 Remove impurities and makeup

To remove all residual impurities and makeup from the face, we recommend starting your daily beauty routine with cleansing.

Ardes recommends


Rose cleansing milk for delicate skin from the “Treasures of Liguria” line by Ardes gently cleanses the skin, removes all impurities – due to makeup, external agents and pollution – and pampers the skin. It gives a pleasant sensation of freshness and cleanliness with every application.

Rose extract from the Scrivia Valley, cultivated a few kilometres from our laboratories, repairs and renews the skin, soothes redness and enables the cellular process to be renewed. It exerts a purifying action and strengthens the skin’s protective barrier.

Jojoba oil protects the skin from the sun’s rays. The cleansing milk nourishes the skin without weighing it down and helps combat skin aging thanks to the presence of pure almond oil.

Vitamin E slows down photo-aging and the degenerative action of free radicals on cells. Beta glucan maintains natural hydration and creates a barrier on the skin to protect it from external agents.

2 Tone

After cleansing the face, we recommend toning the skin.

Ardes recommends


Luxury rose water from Ardes‘ “Luxury Face” line is an ultra delicate cleansing toner that removes all impurities and tightens the pores. It is suitable for all skin types: from dry skin that reddens easily to combination and oily skin.

The skin maintains elasticity and tone and is protected from external agents such as the sun, wind and cold. Rose extract from the Scrivia Valley soothes redness and calms the skin, granting restoring and renewing effects.

Vitamin E counteracts the weakening of cells, slows down photo-aging and the degenerative action of free radicals. In addition, the skin is deeply nourished.

3 Hydrate and protect

In order to nourish the skin, we recommend applying two distinct moisturising methods: hydration and protection followed by long-term moisturising and nutrition.

Ardes recommends


The concentrated lifting serum from Ardes’ “Ialurelix Face Care” line gives new radiance to the skin, deeply renews it, stimulates collagen formation and alleviates signs of aging. Just a drop of the serum provides instant and lasting filler effects.

Hyaluronic acid and snail mucin ensure a comprehensive action for the face and neck: regenerating, correcting and lifting the skin. White lily has a soothing, protective, refreshing and hydrating effect on the skin.

4 Moisturise and nourish over time

To nourish the skin over time, moisturising treatment can be carried out in two steps: intense moisturising followed by nourishment, also intense.

Ardes recommends


Sensitive skin cream from Ardes’ “Ardes Bio” organic line moisturises the skin. It benefits from being non-greasy and is suitable for all skin types. It is absorbed quickly and is perfect as a primer.

Sodium PCA helps the skin to absorb the other functional ingredients. Pure oat extract has beneficial effects on the skin.

Grapefruit keeps the skin healthy and free from excess sebum, as well as neutralising free radicals.

Sensitive skin prone to cracking

To intensively moisturise and nourish sensitive skin prone to cracking, we recommend replacing the Sensitive Skin Cream from the “Ardes Bio” line with the 24-hour Cream from the “Ialurelix” line.


Ardes 24-hour Cream is nourishing and anti-aging, giving the face a youthful and radiant appearance.

The synergy between stem cells and hyaluronic acid prevents and reduces the formation of wrinkles, rejuvenates the skin on the face and neck and improves tissue firmness.

Snail mucin improves skin elasticity, protects the skin against environmental aging and counteracts photo-aging. Calendula exerts a soothing and calming action, while pure grape-seed oil protects the skin against weathering and free radicals.

Weekly beauty routine for sensitive skin

Deep cleaning

We recommend combining a weekly deep cleansing treatment with daily removal of impurities and makeup so that the face is thoroughly cleansed.

Ardes recommends


Emulsion scrub for sensitive skin from Ardes is a face and body scrub with a cleansing effect that gently exfoliates and is perfect for regenerating the skin cells in the face and neck.

Calendula provides the skin with gentleness and protection, provides maximum moisture, protects against external agents and has a soothing and refreshing effect.

Sweet almond oil nourishes the skin without weighing it down. Cucumber tightens the pores, refreshes, moisturises and brightens the skin. Mango helps counteract the action of free radicals and helps the skin maintain a youthful appearance for longer.

Maracuja oil repairs damaged skin and helps it regenerate while lemon exerts strong antioxidant activity, counteracts photo-aging and improves skin tone and texture.

Twice weekly beauty routine for sensitive skin

Nourish and protect

The protect and nourish the skin, we recommend an oil treatment twice a week.

Ardes recommends


Rosehip Q10 from Ardes is concentrated Chilean rosehip oil, enriched with coenzyme Q10, which acts against loss of elasticity and the formation of wrinkles.

It provides the skin with increased elasticity and noticeably reduces wrinkles, regenerates cells, helps give elasticity and flexibility to cell walls, and combats the effects of skin aging.

Vitamin K has positive effects on rosacea and reddened skin and squalene has soothing properties. The skin is protected from UV rays and becomes less susceptible to oxidative damage, thanks to the presence of the coenzyme Q10.

Complete your beauty routine

For a complete beauty routine, we also recommend combining

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