Sustainability and the environment

Sustainable supply chain

Since 1971, care and attention have been the foundations of our philosophy for manufacturing each of our creams, gels, oils, cleansers and serums for your face, body and hair.

We pride ourselves on pursuing sustainability projects because we love the Earth and appreciate all of its natural offerings. We keep the environmental impact of the entire supply chain to a minimum to create high-quality, ethical and sustainable cosmetics.

What you’ll find here

Ethical and sustainable raw materials

Over the years we have built up our own library of over 2,500 tested formulas, many of which are bio-certified and vegan.

We prioritise functional ingredients from Italy, i.e. those ingredients we use to produce Ardes cosmetics that have a specific function to improve the surface on which they are applied. In cases where we need products that cannot be found in Italy, we rely exclusively on traceable supply chains.

Whenever possible, we choose “zero-kilometre” raw materials to support small farmers in the Genoa area. The scented rose from the Scrivia Valley is one of the ingredients in our Treasures of Liguria line.

Saving water and plastic

At Ardes, we use science every day to transform the best ingredients and raw materials into new cosmetic formulas that save water and minimise the release of plastics into the environment.

Our foam cleansers allow you to:

  • save 40% of water needed for rinsing, compared to a conventional cleanser, as shown by tests
  • reduce surfactant pollution in wastewater by 67%.

We are also constantly working on improving the packaging of Ardes cosmetics to reduce our impact on the environment. Whenever possible, we use re-sealable pouches and tubes because they require much less plastic compared to the traditional plastic containers and jars, for the same amount of product.

Safe for humans and animals

Many of the raw materials we use to produce our cosmetics come from 100% organic Italian companies, and respect animal welfare because they have “VeganOk” certification.

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