Anti-dark circles eye contour beauty routine

For a treatment that targets dark circles around the eyes, we recommend combining two different beauty routines:

  • daily
  • weekly.

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Daily anti-dark circles eye contour beauty routine

For a treatment that targets dark circles around the eyes, we recommend a daily beauty routine consisting of several actions:

  1. remove impurities and makeup
  2. tone
  3. smooth and brighten
  4. act on bags and dark circles.

For each action, it’s important to use the right cosmetic product for your specific skin type.

1 Remove impurities and makeup

To remove makeup residues and impurities from the eye area, we recommend first cleansing the skin.

Ardes recommends


Clean & tone, an innovative 2-in-1 formula from Ardes’ “Tre Ori” line, which removes all traces of impurities from the skin and guarantees thorough and deep cleansing, respecting the skin’s natural hydrolipidic balance.

In a single wipe, it deeply cleanses, purifies and refreshes the skin. Vitamins A, E, F present in argan oil exert moisturising and nourishing effects on the skin and protect it from external aggression.

Rose hip oil provides a soothing, moisturising and elasticising action, while babassu oil helps counteract the action of free radicals.

Orange blossom extract revitalises the skin and brightens the complexion. Witch hazel supports the soothing action and is also suitable for dry skin.

2 Tone

After cleansing, we recommend toning the skin around the eyes.

Ardes recommends


Intense toner from Ardes’ Hyaluronic acid line removes impurities from the skin and closes pores ready for application of the cream.

It contains no alcohol, perfume or soap. It hydrates the skin, smooths wrinkles and gives a lifting effect. It is gentle, respects the skin’s physiological pH and has a pleasant aroma.

Orange blossom revitalises the complexion and calendula refreshes the skin and protects it from external agents. Linden prevents redness. Thanks to 100% pure hyaluronic acid, the skin is purified, full, supple and hydrated.

3 smooth and brighten

Before directly treating bags and dark circles, we recommend smoothing and brightening the skin.

Ardes recommends


Pure snail mucin concentrate from Ardes’ “Ialurelix Face Care” line improves skin elasticity and protects the skin against environmental aging, as well as counteracting photo-aging.

Allantoin enables the regeneration of tissue, collagen and elastin, which give elasticity and tone to the skin, while glycolic acid exfoliates the surface layers and enables the formation of collagen, brightening the skin around the eyes.

Vitamins A and E, amino acids and proteins enable peripheral blood flow and oxygenate the skin. Hyaluronic acid minimises water loss, acts on wrinkles and smile lines and hydrates the skin.

4 Act on bags and dark circles

After cleansing, toning, smoothing and brightening the skin, you can start treating the bags and dark circles.

Ardes recommends


Bags and dark circles eye contour serum from Ardes’ “Ialurelix Face Care” line prevents fine lines, smooths existing ones, alleviates dark circles and brightens the complexion.

Hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin and counteracts wrinkles and smile lines around the eyes, while pure snail mucin exfoliates, regenerates and nourishes the skin. Caffeine reduces the appearance of dark circles and bags under the eyes.

Algae increases the resistance of the capillaries to reduce dilation and counteract swelling under the eyes. Tartaric acid and malic acid have lightening properties.

Weekly anti-dark circles eye contour beauty routine

Beauty Mask

To improve the appearance of the skin around the eyes, we recommend applying a beauty mask once a week.

Ardes recommends


Intense mask is the revitalising, anti-aging mask from Ardes’ “Hyaluronic acid” line to be applied to the face and neck. It restores skin structure, smooths out wrinkles and has a noticeable lifting effect.

The mask provides great comfort and leaves the skin perfectly hydrated. 100% pure hyaluronic acid gives the skin a firmer and brighter appearance from the very first use.

Vitamin E counteracts cell weakening, slows down photo-aging and protects the cell structure against degenerative action. In addition, the skin around the eyes is deeply nourished.

Complete your beauty routine

For a complete beauty routine, we also recommend combining

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