Anti-aging eye contour beauty routine

For an anti-aging treatment focusing on the area around the eyes, we recommend combining two different beauty routines:

  • daily
  • weekly.

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Daily anti-aging eye contour beauty routine

We recommend a daily beauty routine consisting of several actions for an anti-aging treatment that focuses on the area around the eyes:

  1. remove impurities and makeup
  2. tone
  3. plump
  4. hydrate and protect.

For each action, it’s important to use the right cosmetic product for your specific skin type.

1 Remove impurities and makeup

Before applying the cream to the eye contour, first make sure that there are no makeup residues or impurities and that the skin has been thoroughly cleansed.


Face cleanser & makeup remover 2 in 1 from Ardes’ “Hyaluronic acid” line is face cleansing gel and makeup remover that cleanses and exerts a powerful anti-aging action. It removes even the most stubborn makeup and cleanses the face gently.

Thanks to 100% pure hyaluronic acid, the skin on the face and neck is thoroughly purified.

Olive oil provides deep nourishment, soothes redness and irritation, and is suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. The skin is revitalised by orange blossom, which counteracts irritation and brightens the complexion.

2 Tone

After cleansing the skin, we recommend toning it.

Ardes recommends


Luxury rose water from Ardes’ “Luxury Face” line is a cleansing toner that removes all impurities and gently tightens the pores. It can be used on all skin types.

The rose extract softens, repairs and renews the skin. Vitamin E counteracts the weakening of cells, slows down photo-aging and the degenerative action of free radicals. In addition, the skin is deeply nourished.

The skin is protected from external agents such as the sun, wind and cold, and retains elasticity and tone.

3 Plump

As we get older, the collagen around the eye area tends to diminish, leading to the formation of small imperfections such as wrinkles. With a plump treatment, wrinkles can be filled to smooth the skin, giving the area around the eyes a more youthful appearance.

Ardes recommends


Hyaluronic acid instant filler lift is the Ardes‘ gel that instantly erases signs of fatigue and fine lines with effects that last for hours. The gel is non-oily, leaves the skin silky and hydrated and is an excellent primer.

The 100% pure hyaluronic acid provides a filler and lifting effect: it penetrates wrinkles and plumps the skin from within, as well as creating a protective film on the skin’s surface. This treatment hydrates, tones and brightens the skin around the eyes.

Vitamin E deeply nourishes the skin, slows down photoaging, counteracts the weakening of cells and protects their structure from the degenerative action of free radicals.

4 Hydrate and protect

To conclude your daily anti-aging eye contour treatment, we recommend hydrating and protecting your skin.

Ardes recommends


Strategy balm for eye and lip contours from Ardes’ “Tre Ori” line protects and deeply nourishes the skin around the eyes to prevent and reduce the appearance of micro-wrinkles. Thanks to its ultra-light texture, it is absorbed immediately.

Argan plant stem cells activate important skin revitalisation processes, diminishing the depth of wrinkles and leaving the skin firmer and more toned.

Babassu oil counteracts the action of free radicals, while rose hip extract exerts a soothing, hydrating and elasticising action.

Vitamins B, C, H, K and PP, present in avocado oil, are effective on dry and irritated skin. Jojoba oil has revitalising, regenerating and soothing properties and prevents wrinkles.

Weekly anti-aging eye contour beauty routine

Beauty Mask

To improve the appearance of the skin around the eyes, we recommend applying a beauty mask once a week.

Ardes recommends


Intense mask: the revitalising, anti-aging mask from Ardes’ “Hyaluronic acid” line to be applied to the face and neck for an instant anti-aging treatment.

The mask restores the skin structure, smooths out wrinkles and has a noticeable lifting effect. It provides great comfort and leaves the skin perfectly hydrated.

100% pure hyaluronic acid gives fullness and elasticity to the skin, which appears firmer and brighter from the very first use.

Thanks to the presence of vitamin E, cell weakening is counteracted, photo-aging is slowed down and the cell structure is protected against degenerative action. In addition, the skin is deeply nourished.

Complete your beauty routine

For a complete beauty routine, we also recommend combining

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