Beauty routine for dry skin

To keep your face moisturised, we recommend a daily and a weekly beauty routine.

To choose the most suitable cosmetic for each stage of your beauty routine, it’s important to distinguish between dry skin requiring water and dry skin requiring oils.

Here are some tips for identifying your skin type:

  • dry skin that requires water is dehydrated and often has many more wrinkles than dry skin that requires oil. If the water content of the uppermost layer of the skin falls below 10%, the skin is rough to the touch, pale and dull due to the cells reproducing more slowly.
  • dry skin requiring oils is more fragile and sensitive, and the surface layer is less compact and impermeable, a common sign in more mature skin. This type of skin is not water-deficient but needs moisturisers and noble fats to make it less permeable.

What you’ll find here

Daily beauty routine for dry skin

A daily beauty routine requires several steps:

  1. remove impurities and makeup
  2. tone
  3. moisturise intensely
  4. nourish over time.

For dry skin that requires water, moisturising is also necessary in the last step.

1 Remove impurities and makeup

Before applying the cream to the skin, first make sure that there are no makeup residues or impurities and that the skin has been thoroughly cleansed.

For dry skin requiring water, Ardes recommends


Face cleanser & makeup remover 2 in 1 from Ardes’ “Hyaluronic acid” line is face cleansing gel and makeup remover that cleanses and exerts a powerful anti-aging action. Gently cleanses the face, removes even the most stubborn make-up while exercising an anti-aging action.

The cleansing and makeup removal gel thoroughly cleanses the skin on the face and neck and, thanks to the 100% pure hyaluronic acid, gives it fullness and elasticity.

Orange blossom counteracts irritation, revitalises the skin and brightens the complexion. Olive oil provides deep nourishment, regulates the skin’s natural hydration system, as well as soothing redness and irritation, and is suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.

For dry skin requiring oils, Ardes recommends


Clean & tone from Ardes’ “Tre Ori” line, which removes all traces of impurities from the skin and guarantees thorough and deep cleansing.

2 Tone

As the years go by, all skin types tend to lose elasticity for various reasons: fluctuating weight, poor diet, smoking, stress, pollution, atmospheric agents. Keeping your face toned doesn’t need to be a chore. The treatment is effective both for dry skin requiring oil and for skin requiring water.

Ardes recommends


Intense toner from the Hyaluronic acid line removes impurities and tightens pores ready for application of the cream.

It is gentle, respects the skin’s physiological pH and has a pleasant aroma. It contains no alcohol, perfume or soap. It hydrates the skin, smooths wrinkles and gives a lifting effect.

The skin becomes healthier, cleaner and more radiant. Thanks to 100% pure hyaluronic acid, the skin is purified, full, supple and hydrated. Orange blossom revitalises the complexion. Calendula refreshes and protects the skin. Linden prevents redness.

3 Moisturise intensely

After cleansing and toning your face again, you can move on to an initial intensive moisturising.

For dry skin requiring water, Ardes recommends


Intense hydration: the serum from Ardes’ “Hyaluronic acid” line that fights wrinkles and dry skin. It is an anti-aging serum with intensive hydrating properties. The presence of several active ingredients, first and foremost hyaluronic acid, help to slow down the signs of aging on face and neck.

Jojoba oil deeply nourishes the skin and aloe vera moisturises, refreshes and restores. The weakening of cells and the degenerative action of free radicals are counteracted by vitamin E, which protects the cells and slows down photo-aging.

To brighten up dry skin that requires water and is dull, we recommend replacing the Intense hydration serum with the Intense radiance face serum from Ardes’ “Hyaluronic acid” line, which gives the complexion a radiant, warm and deep tone.

For dry skin requiring oils, Ardes recommends


Day & Night 24-hour restorative hydrating cream to be combined with the Strategy balm for eye and lip contours.

For an intensive skin treatment for over 40s, we recommend replacing the Day & Night cream with the No Age cream to recompact and restructure the skin.

4 Nourish over time

To nourish the skin over time, moisturising treatment can be carried out in two steps: intense moisturising followed by nourishment, also intense.

For dry skin requiring water, Ardes recommends


Intense nourishing face cream from Ardes’ Hyaluronic Acid line to intensely nourish the skin. The ARDESFLAT lamellar-structured emulsion gives instant results. The cream nourishes slack and tired skin with an intensively restorative action.

The hyaluronic acid offers both a filler and a lifting effect. Jojoba oil deeply nourishes the skin and aloe vera moisturises. The presence of Vitamin E slows down photo-aging.

For dry skin requiring oils, Ardes recommends


Synergy oil from the “Tre Ori” line to revitalise the skin, restoring softness and elasticity.

Weekly beauty routine for dry skin

Deep cleaning

For a deep cleanse, it’s a good idea to combine daily cleansing with weekly cleansing. The treatment is recommended both for dry skin requiring oil and for dry skin requiring water.

Ardes recommends


New skin scrub from Ardes’ “Tre Ori” line gently removes cells from the surface layers of the skin, freeing it of impurities and revealing its radiance.

The grains of the argan kernels exfoliate the skin while mandelic acid smooths and moisturises. New skin gives new radiance and vitality to the skin, brightening the face and neck thanks to the presence of argan plant stem cells.

The new skin scrub also has a soothing, moisturising and elasticising effect thanks to the presence of rosehip oil. Babassu oil helps counteract the action of free radicals; the presence of phytic acid has a protective action and significantly reduces discolouring, wrinkles, enlarged pores and acne.

Beauty Mask

For a perfect beauty routine, we recommend applying a beauty mask once a week. The treatment is ideal both for dry skin requiring oil and for dry skin requiring water.

Ardes recommends


Intense mask: the revitalising, anti-aging mask from Ardes to be applied to the face and neck for an instant and powerful anti-aging treatment. The mask comforts the skin and leaves it perfectly hydrated, restoring the skin structure and smoothing out wrinkles, with a noticeable lifting effect.

From the very first use, the easy-to-apply mask restores firmness and radiance to the face. 100% pure hyaluronic acid grants fullness and elasticity to the skin.

Complete your beauty routine

For a complete beauty routine, we also recommend combining

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