Quality and safety: certifications

For us at Ardes, quality and safety are intrinsic features of every single product we manufacture, and are demands we have been cultivating since 1971.

More than 20 years ago, when designing our new headquarters and laboratories, we were inspired by pharmaceutical standards. Being much higher and stricter standards than those required by law for the production of cosmetics, they allowed us to create products that are environmentally-sustainable, effective and safe for people.

Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.

That is why we have created a safe and certified high-quality supply chain, available to our retailers throughout Italy, to our partners abroad, to the companies that rely on us to manufacture their lines, and to everyone and anyone who wants to take care of their face, body and hair.

The quality and safety of Ardes cosmetics are tested and certified

What you’ll find here

Organic cosmetics

We adhere to the guidelines of the AIAB (Italian Association for Organic Agriculture) because it transparently and comprehensively guarantees compliance with the requirements for Bio Eco Cosmetics products.

AIAB promotes the use of products with a low environmental impact and raw materials derived from organic farming or certified wild harvesting, also in the realm of body care.

The AIAB logo on the label allows customers to immediately identify our certified cosmetics.

Fighting animal cruelty

Our products are certified by VeganOk because they are manufactured with respect for animals.

Nichel Tested

Our products bearing the Nickel Tested logo are part of batches that have been analysed by trusted external laboratories to guarantee a nickel content of less than 0.0001%.

Certified supply chain

We are also certified by RINA pursuant to ISO 22716, an international standard in cosmetics manufacturing, a testament to the consistently high quality and safety of our products.

We follow GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) for manufacturing, control, packaging, storage and shipping to ensure quality cosmetics that are effective and safe for people.

Dermatologically tested

All of our Ardes cosmetics undergo dermatological testing before they are placed on the market in order to ensure that they are skin-safe and comfortable to use.

Microbiologically tested

We value the safety and care of each individual product we manufacture. That’s why we carry out microbiological testing on all products, even where the ISO29621 standard does not require it. Microbiological tests make it possible to verify that our cosmetics are free of bacteria, moulds and yeasts, and to guarantee their safety for our end consumers.

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