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Our manufacturing laboratories

Our laboratories have been designed and built according to pharmaceutical standards, which are much higher and stricter standards than those required by law for the production of cosmetics. Here are some features that set us apart from the competition:

  • air treatment. The air in our laboratories is recirculated 20 times every hour and filtered with elements that retain 99% of particles larger than 0.1 microns to eliminate bacteria, dust, and any other particles.
  • pharmaceutical grade walls, floors and ceilings. The floors are made of large sheets of pharmaceutical grade material to avoid joints and gaps that are difficult to clean; the connection between floor and wall is rounded to facilitate thorough cleaning. The walls are made of pharmaceutical grade material with coplanar glazing to avoid horizontal surfaces where dust can settle.
  • compressed air treatment. The air that powers our machines undergoes thorough purification to remove contaminants that could come into contact with our products: bacteria, dust, particulates, lubricants, excessive moisture
  • process water treatment. The water used in the formula of our cosmetics undergoes 5 stages of treatment:
    • double pre-filtration at 30 microns and 1 micron to remove coarse particles
    • activated carbon filtration to break down the presence of chlorine
    • reverse osmosis filtration to remove dissolved salts and microorganisms
    • 0.22 micron absolute filter to retain all microorganisms
    • UV-C irradiation to eliminate all microorganisms and prevent backward contamination to the processing plant.

We thus guarantee the purity and safety of water, one of the most critical components of our products. Our plant is designed to treat the water at the time that it is incorporated into the product so as to avoid the microbiological risk posed by storage.

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Research and development: new exclusive formulas

Our research and development department translates customer ideas and needs into cosmetics. We formulate traditional, green, certified organic, vegan, clean and eco-friendly products.

Every day since 1971, we have supported our customers in creating new lines and new products by providing the expertise from all our departments and over 50 years of experience.

Creating a formula from scratch, starting from an idea or a market need, requires working in close synergy, which is why we like to think of ourselves as an integral part of the client company and not just another supplier.

Having a finished product does not mean having finished the product. After fine-tuning the formula, the work continues with:

  • assessment of chemical, physical and microbiological stability
  • product-container interaction
  • complying with regulations on packaging and advertising texts
  • preliminary scientific tests to check the safety and effectiveness of the product
  • creation of the PIF – Product Information File
  • notification to the CPNP (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal) of the new cosmetic product.

Tight schedule? 2,500 ready-made formulas

The market often demands answers in an extremely short time. Creating a new formula, carrying out tests, stability checks, and everything else needed to get a product to market, necessarily involves many months of work due to technical time frames. Our strength is having over 2,500 ready-made formulas available to produce cosmetics under our clients’ brands.

Large and small batches 1,000-100,000

The key word that sets us apart is flexibility. We have structured our company to meet any and all needs. We have a wide selection of containers always ready in stock.

All our processes, including production processes, are governed by a modern computer system that optimises every phase and every single step of the production process. Each ingredient, semi-finished product and component is marked with a QR-code that circumvents human error by tracking all steps and building the batch record for each batch.

We have records of all components and ingredients of batches that have been produced in the last 20 years. Our facilities are agile, modern and fast. Our times – from order to delivery – are very fast on average.

Very small batches 100-500 pcs

To meet the needs of up-and-coming brands, product lines are always in stock and ready to be put on the market in a blink of an eye. We will take care of notifying the CPNP (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal) of any new cosmetic products.

We adopt the same quality and safety standards for small batches as we do for large production runs.

Customised lines for sales outlets

Nowadays, the market is very competitive. Therefore, traditional sales outlets, such as pharmacies, herbal shops, over-the-counter chemists and beauty salons, need to offer something that stands out from the competition. This is why we have created lines that can be customised in line with your brand’s vision: a simple and inexpensive way to grow your outlet.

The benefits of Ardes’ customised lines:

  • customisation with only a few pieces per reference
  • wide choice of references
  • zero thought, PIF, labelling, notification to CPNP
  • label and box: several types of designs to choose from
  • availability of free samples, brochures, window display.

How a cosmetic is born

From a big idea to the hands of the customer.

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